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everybody, ya ya, soak your body, ya ya, everybody soak your body right, bath times back, alright (Back Street Boys)

Relieve sore, achy & tired muscles with our therapeutic soaking bath salts made with dead sea salt, sel gris, and a custom blend of rosemary, juniper berry, peppermint, sage & grapefruit organic essential oils.

hand made in small batches | 12 oz 

free of harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulfates & colorants | cruelty free | vegan

Dead Sea Salt is the most therapeutic of all bath salts. Popularly used to help ease the symptoms of mild to severe dry skin issues, such as psoriasis and eczema, as well as to help alleviate arthritis, joint and muscle pain. The salt is also utilized for whole body detoxification benefits. With a sodium content of less than 12%, it is gentle on the skin. Its natural skin softeners and muscle relaxing properties make this salt truly exceptional.

Sel Gris grey color is indicative of the salt’s natural trace minerals absorbed from its sea origins. Unwashed, unrefined, and additive-free, French grey bath salt maintains all of its health-enhancing nutrients vital to the human body like calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, iron, and others. This salt is low in sodium and certified organic by Nature et Progrès.

Rosemary helps lower inflammation in injuries and rheumatoid arthritis. Also known in folk medicine as a pain reliever, preliminary studies support its pain relief benefits and suggest that it may be more effective than acetaminophen.

Juniper Berry contains powerful topical cleansing benefits that will help to cleanse the skin and combat acne. The aroma helps provide a calming, grounding effect.

Peppermint  historically has been used to reduce the discomfort from headaches & joint pains, as well as relieve the sting of sunburn. It is also known to relieve back and muscular pain, mental fatigue, boosts circulation, releases the feeling of having tired feet, cramps, and spasms, while also soothing inflamed, itchy skin.

Sage is reputed to ease muscular and joint pain associated with inflammation, tenderness, stiffness, and other symptoms of arthritis, strains, and sprains. With anti-inflammatory properties, it is also known to soothe the redness, soreness, and itching that is characteristic of skin conditions such as dermatitis. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties are reputed to eliminate toxins, thereby providing relief to minor skin abrasions and injuries such as bruises, cuts, burns, and irritation while protecting them from developing infections.

Grapefruit is valued for its skin care benefits and ability to promote the appearance of clear, healthy-looking skin. It also invokes a sense of clarity, and due to its main chemical component, limonine, it can help to uplift mood.